Directions: In order to gain insight into your college and professional experiences, answer the following questions. Record your responses to all questions on this document (the boxes will expand should you require more space).

What are some of the social and professional organizations specific to your program? How likely are you to join one of these organizations? Which one interests you the most, why? (Minimum 100 words total) 
Set and share a goal for how you will become involved in a social /professional organization. Discuss how involvement in these types of groups could positively affect you as a student/employee? (Minimum 100 words total) 
What do you need to achieve academically to be successful in the future? Are there any GPA requirements, volunteer hours, or employment experience associated with your future career that you learned more about or that you would like to learn more about?
(Minimum 100 words total)
Review the University Snapshot page on the GCU website to locate and explain GCU’s Mission and Vision, Five Mission Competencies, and GCU’s Christian Identity and Mission. (Minimum 100 words total)GCU Mission and Vision:   Five Mission Competencies:   GCU’s Christian Identity and Mission:  
The GCU Academic Catalog lists the university’s General Education (GE) Competencies. Note: While the General Education Competencies support the GCU Mission competencies, they are not the same competencies. (The GE Competencies are listed in the box to the right.) Review Ch. 2 of the University Success Guide to locate and describe the five GE Competencies in your own words. (Minimum 100 words total)University Foundations   Effective Communication   Christian Worldview   Critical Thinking   Global Awareness, Perspectives and Ethics  
The box to the right lists some situations you may encounter as a student at GCU. For each situation, list the steps you would take, and anyone you may need to contact in order to resolve each one.
(Minimum 100 words total)
Failing a class:     Missed an assignment/exam due date:     Feeling nervous or overwhelmed:     Scheduled for the wrong course/class:     Cannot log into the digital classroom or to the GCU Library:  

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