Essay One: Skin Biology of Ageing Skin The desire to have youthful looking skin is a billion-dollar business and understanding skin biology is important to enable a scientific approach to developing skincare products specifically designed to reduce the appearance of skin ageing. Using your knowledge of what is happening to the skin as it ages, allows you to formulate using the right active ingredients, and relevant formulation types. Marking criteria and marking allocation will be based on the student demonstrating their understanding of the following: Marks will be allocated as follows: 
1) Demonstrate your understanding of how the skin’s function and structure changes as it ages, describing how both intrinsic and extrinsic ageing affects the skin. (20 marks) 
2) Focusing on wrinkles, a clear visible sign of skin changing with ageing, investigate why wrinkles occur, the types of wrinkles you might get and the structural changes that are occurring within the skin to form wrinkles. (20 marks) 
3) What strategy would you employ to develop a product to help delay the signs of ageing and explain your products effect on the skin, paying particular attention to the effects your product needs to have on the skin and the ingredients you might use (15 marks) 
4) What strategy would you adopt to formulate a product for mature skin, explain the function of some key ingredients that will help reduce the appearance of already aged skin or may slow further signs of ageing? (10 marks) 
5)There is a plethora of ‘anti-ageing’ products on the market. Select one product to review, explain what key ingredients are in the product and how they work, relating this directly to what you know about the effects ageing has on the skin. (5 marks)

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