Discuss the government intervention with the 2014 South African platinum miners’ strikes. 
(1) The reason for the strike.
(2) What impact did it have on national development?
(3) What intervention/s did the Government take?
(4) Did the intervention/s a fail/succeed. How? Why?
(5) What intervention/s would you have suggested? Why?
1. Examine the benefits of Higher Public Spending on market-based/market driven models of state intervention.
2. Explain theories and practices of government intervention, in both developed and developing countries.
3. Analyze the approaches to national development through Government interventions in both developed and developing countries.
a) Contribution includes all the information analysis, synthesis or evaluation required; 
b) Contribution consistently focused on the question, problem, situation or issue posed;
c) Contribution includes relevant information with supporting reading/examples, experiences; 
d) Proper outside source material consistently cited – 6 citations minimum.
e) Contributions contain no spelling and/or grammatical errors

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