Beginning to Write the Program Evaluation Plan Narrative.

Title Page: Name of organization, Name of the Program, title of “Program Evaluation Plan”, Your name

Table of Contents (can begin now)

Executive Summary (put on its own page, can write up later)

Introduction: Describe the organization, its mission, when established, its goals/purpose, Then introduce the same the Program you are writing your Evaluation Plan for.  Then write about the purpose of this evaluation plan (3 pages approx. double spaced).  Quote from their website in their about sections, or look around for good information.

Theory of change:  Write about the program in more detail, what it does, who it serves. Then copy and paste in your Logic Model. Describe all aspects of the logic model.  (3-4 pages).  Spend time especially on activities and how they are believed to lead to the outcomes.

Indicators of Change:  Here is where you will talk about your indicators, the target numbers, and how the indicators/change will be measured.  You can put the table you did for class after you edit it and a brief description of the table. (2 -3 pages with the table)

Evaluation Instruments: (this is the tools you have recommended in the table mentioned in the above)  Describe the tools you are using to measure the indicators and why you selected these tools. Create drafts of the instruments (if surveys).  For other instruments, describe how that data will be collected, how often, and if appropriate, draft the data collection instrument. (3 to 5 pages)


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