Final assignment:  Create an archaeological tour itinerary. For format, length and all

You will create a proposal itinerary for an archaeological/educational tour or study abroad
program that is set to last 3 weeks**. The focus of your work should be primarily on which
locations you have selected to visit and how they are important in terms of regional or
world history. You can be as creative as you’d like in how you imagine your tour will be as
long as the information for each site is up to date, accurate, and realistic (no pseudoscience
please!)  Always wanted to visit another part of the world? You can use this assignment to
help plan some of the awesome things you might visit while you are there. If you’ve already
been, that works too, you have experience of what the sites were really like. You can focus
on anything in particular, how about a trip where every site you visit includes cemeteries?
You can make it a bike tour where every site must be traveled to on a bike or on foot. Biblical
tours are also very interesting because of the age and preservation of many of the sites.
Choose something that interests you!
“Minimums”: Your tour should include 7 archaeological sites within the same geographic
region.  You may use your textbook to help you choose up to 4 sites. For the remaining 3
sites you can use any reasonable source you would use if you were actually going to travel to
these sites, book or internet, provided the information is up to date and correct. You don’t
have to choose any sites from the book as long as you cite your sources. Many important
sites now have webpages. I prefer you use the original/govt webpage of a site if it is
available. If you can’t find enough information about the importance of a site from their
webpage, try our library NOT wikipedia. We have excellent online resources and our
librarians know where to find them! Please cite where your information came from so I can
check. As always, do not copy and paste anything from a website or book verbatim. Always
put things into your own words, for this class and beyond. 
Format: No cover page. Include 1 paragraph introduction to your tour/study abroad and its
main theme. For each site you must write a 1-2 paragraph summary on its importance and
why you included it in your tour. This assignment should be a minimum of 5 pages, double
spaced, 12 pt font, max 7 pages. No photos or images needed. You must include a page of
references (not included in the page minimum). Upload will be via the assignment link in
**While a real itinerary would include cost, please don’t worry about that. You can mention how
long it might take to get to a site, because that shows proximity of sites. You can also indicate if sites
are free or not, because that shows whether or not sites are monetized. You can indicate how long
you might stay at a location but you don’t need to specify food or lodging unless none is available.
For example, you want to visit a remote site in South America and it might be worth noting it takes
10 hours to get there by bus and there is no lodging at all (only primitive camping). In contrast, if you
are visiting Stonehenge it is understood food and lodging will be available so you don’t need to spell
that out. 

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